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Five Globe Womens Adult Gloves (Black/Flo Pink) Size 08

Five Globe Womens Adult Gloves (Black/Flo Pink) Size 08
Five Globe Womens Adult Gloves (Black/Flo Pink) Size 08
  • Modelis: FG 0918067808
Be PVM: 19.47€

The universal glove with protective shells.

The Globe has no other claim than to provide the minimum protection necessary for the practice of any two-wheeled activity (motorcycle, scooter, bicycle). Its destitution makes it pleasant to wear and it quickly became the universal basic glove of reference. It comes in black or black / pink. Lightweight while incorporating PU protective shells on the top of the hand and in the palm, it offers a satisfactory compromise between pleasure and safety. A simple, practical and very affordable glove


  • Structure Polymesh ™ (top) for comfort / synthetic leather (palm) for durability
  • Protective shells metacarpophalangeal and phalanges monoblock PU under fabric
  • Hull of protection of the hypothénar ("slider" of palm) in TPR
  • Hypothenar reinforcement in synthetic leather
  • Lycra® Forks for optimal fitting
  • Airprene wrist for fit, comfort and ventilation
  • Closure system by TPR + velcro tab and threading tongue synthetic leather
  • Shape and size adapted to female morphology
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