Main Morphic - Smoke Blueberry

Main Morphic - Smoke Blueberry
Pristatymas 3-8 d.d.
Main Morphic - Smoke Blueberry
  • Likutis: Nėra
Be PVM: 46.96€

The ability to blend into the background until the perfect moment to strike arrives—that is the nature of racing. The Main Morphic Goggles embody this mystique with a vibrant take on natural camouflaging patterns morphed with explosions of in-your-face color that pair perfectly with the matching Morphic helmet. In terms of features the Main Morphic Goggles are ounce-for-ounce the best value on the market and come with our Variable Lens System (VLS). VLS makes your goggles compatible with standard lenses (stock) and injection molded lenses (sold separately) within the same frame. They also come with a microfiber goggle bag to help keep them protected when not in use and with their expansive viewport triple-layer foam and tear-off lens functionality they are a heavy hitter on the dirt while being light on the wallet. When your metamorphosis is complete shock the competition in the Main Morphic Goggles.

  • All new design offers a best-in-class view port for unparalleled vision
  • Variable Lens System (VLS™) design allows the transfer of standard and injection molded lenses in the same frame
  • Triple layer face foam with fleece liner Lexan™ lens offers UV protection
  • Strap mounted third tear-off post
  • Non-slip silicone strap
  • Microfiber goggle bag included
  • 51% TPU 11% polycarbonate 38% nylon
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